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   I had the opportunity of presenting at the City of Chino Hills Public Works Department last week and it was a great experience. The team was extremely professional, organized, and welcoming. One of the primary goals of this presentation was to share the current research in relation to prominent health issues, both physically and mentally, that affect the well-being of employees throughout the United States. The second goal included sharing effective action steps as part of a solution to combat this growing epidemic.

   The overall cost of health insurance has increased over 58% during the past 5 years, and it is on pace to continue to increase over the next 5 years. Some of the Biometric markers that have a dramatic impact on the health costs are comprised of the following (but not limited to): hypertension, obesity, being sedentary, high cholesterol, smoking, anxiety, depression, and diabetes. The good news is that most of these factors can be significantly improved with lifestyle changes consisting of healthy nutrition, daily exercise, and mental well-being.

   For most people, this is not a new revelation. However, the majority of us, do not know how to start, what precisely to do; and more importantly, how to be consistent to achieve the permanent changes that we desire. Here is a quick synopsis of my comprehensive system to long-lasting transformations:

  1. Physical Activity: 4-6 times per week, 30-60 minutes (flexibility, core activation, postural re-teaching, whole body strengthening/resistance training, and cardiovascular exercises)

  2. Stress Management: 3 times per week, 20-30 minutes (Tai Chi, Yoga, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Visualization/Guided Imagery, Tapping).

  3. Utilize Mental Health Professionals - asking for help is not a weakness, it is truly a strength.

  4. Cooking 75-85% of your meals at home- you are able to monitor what you eat and save money at the same time.

  5. Keeping a diary of your progress (nutrition, training, goals)- this is crucial for preventing plateaus and facilitates fine-tuning.

  6. Celebrate your victories and accomplishments.

  7. Spend time helping someone in need or caring for an animal.


For more information, please contact me at www.movement4life.org or email me at icemanhealith@gmail.com​


















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