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How many of us experience some form of stress on a regular basis? What are we doing about it? Most of us, probably nothing except push forwards and deal with it. Unfortunately, over time, we "burn out" and suffer both physically and/or mentally. How long can we run a sprint? There is a point where we can no longer sustain the level of intensity (in this example, speed). How does one recover from sprinting? Rest, and for most people, it would be a 3 to 1 ratio of running versus resting (1 minute sprint, 3 minute rest).


It's crucial for us as human beings to practice self-care and relaxation techniques which help replenish our energy supplies. One method is Diaphragmatic Breathing ("Belly Breathing").

In this short two-minute video, Julie Hartnett who is a highly-experienced Speech-Language Pathologist with Nemours Childrens Health System, does an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating diaphragmatic breathing in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand manner; and is a valuable resource to truly learn this method of slow controlled breathing.


For a detailed list of the huge benefits, please take a look at my 2 previous blogs entitled, The Top Ten Physical Benefits of Tai Chi, Guided Imagery, and Diaphragmatic Breathing and, The Top Ten Mental/Emotional Benfits of Tai Chi, Guided Imagery, and Diaphragmatic Breathing.


Thank you for reading this blog. For any questions or comments, please contact me, Dr. Deniz Armagan via email at icemanhealith@gmail.com or my website at www.movement4life.org



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