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In our fast-paced world, we seem to be getting more and more stressed each day. We have so many devices to help us with time management, yet we are excessively busy and barely have enough time to greet our co-workers or neighbors. It's no wonder that most, "hit the wall" in the early afternoon grasping for anything to give us more energy so that we can get through the rest of the day (coffee, sugar, energy-drinks...). Our mental focus and well-being suffers and we are surprised when we get sick (due a compromised immune system), have difficulty concentrating, or need a nap at 3:00pm. Don't worry- I am here to help. Here are 3 quick and easy ways to supercharge your mental health while at work:

1. Tai Chi: a form of martial arts that resembles a dance and is performed in slow delliberate movement patterns with slow controlled breathing resulting in immediate relaxation and mental clarity. Check out this video demonstration.

2. Guided Imagery/Visualization: is a method of "seeing" and "feeling" yourself succeed in an upcoming event or project resulting in focused relaxation. It is usually accompanied by slow controlled breathing to achieve your desired state of mind. For a great article , click here and video, click here.

3. Diaphragmatic (Belly") Breating: is a simple technique to help people manage their stress (in combination with Guided Imagery and/or Tai Chi). It involves deliberately focusing on one’s breath in a slow, controlled fashion and attempting to prolong the respiratory cycle of inhaling/exhaling. It results in quieting the mind and promoting relaxation (reversing the stress response). For an awesome article , click here, and video, click here.

The goods news is that you won't have to spend relentless hours performing these technques. If you were to invest a few minutes per day, you will feel a sense of peace and relaxation that will result in much more mental focus and less stress. The question is, do you think that you're worth the investment?

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